Sunday, February 7, 2010

Welcome to the Jews For Tibet Blog

Welcome to the Jews For Tibet Blog. I have long felt that Judaism and Tibetan Buddhism are extremely compatible belief systems, unparalleled in their depth of pragmatism in dealing with the questions of Life and Death. Furthermore, I believe that the Jewish and Tibetan peoples both may benefit from social and cultural exchange and philosophical discussion, with the goals of ameliorating their material and spiritual difficulties and benefiting from novel ideas conceived as a result of the fruitful symbiosis of their two belief systems.

The symbol above, which may be used as a yantra, develops and combines Jewish and Tibetan symbols, and is intended as the symbol of the new movement. No preference for any particular version of, or doctrine within, either belief system will be advocated by this blog. All readers are welcome, including interested and hopefully supportive individuals who do not consider themselves either Jews or Tibetan Buddhists.

Seventy percent of the revenues from this blog will be donated to the International Campaign for Tibet, immediately after the initial payment is received from Google.

I encourage all readers to offer suggestions and constructive criticism.